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Sagrada Familia Electronic Tickets

Q: Is There any Opportunity to Buy Tickets Online for the Sagrada Familia?

Tickets for Sagrada Familia
Tickets for Sagrada Familia
A: Yes, it is possible to buy the tickets online for the Sagrada Familia. Actually it is recommend to do that especially if you would like to visit the place during summer or during weekends because the queues during these periods could be extremely long (for additional information – Sagrada Familia Recommended Hours).

The downside for purchasing tickets online in advance is that the ticket requires you to choose (and by that also obligate to) a specific date and time. It is also a little bit more expensive to buy the tickets online than to do that onsite. In spite of these disadvantage it is still strongly recommended to buy your ticket online, since the price differences are usually worth avoiding the extremely long queue that might come to two-three hours (for additional information – Sagrada Familia Tickets).

If you are concerned by obligating to a certain hour, note that there is no need to purchase the ticket very far in advance. You can do that only one or two days in advance, when you have already reached Barcelona and more knowledgeable about your schedule. Even if you had not booked in advance, it is still worth checking it out, because you might find ticket for the next day, even during the high season, and save yourself the long queue.


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