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Sundays in Barcelona

What can one do on Sundays in Barcelona? 

Like in every European city, in Barcelona Sunday is a vacation day. Therefore, on this day many activities are organized that one cannot enjoy on other days of the week.

Shopping in Barcelona on Sundays

Most of the shops and big markets in Barcelona are closed on Sunday. Nevertheless in the old city, in the area of Ciutat Vella, the Gothic Quarter (Barri Gotic) and La Rambla, you can find shops that are open also on Sundays. Additionally, the famous Maremagnum shopping center in Port Vell is also open for business on Sundays. Once this was the largest Mall in Barcelona, since then there were built several new shopping centers like Arenas de Barcelona (Arenas Mall) and El Corte Ingles but it is still a big, attractive and a tourist-oriented mall.

La Roca Village Outlet is situated outside the city, it requires approximately a thirty-minute drive, but it has two great advantages: it is open also on Sunday and prices are more reasonable than in the most of the shops situated inside Barcelona (for additional information – Shopping in Barcelona).

Restaurants in Barcelona on Sundays

Most of the restaurants in Barcelona are open on Sundays, but since Sunday is a day off many events and celebrations are held on this day. Therefore, it is recommended to reserve a table in advance (for additional information – Bars and Restaurants in Barcelona).

Hotels in Barcelona on Sundays

Finding a free hotel room in Barcelona during weekends and holidays is very difficult, moreover at such occasions hotels are 20%-40% more expensive than on usual days. That is why it is not very recommended to reserve your accommodation on Sundays – If you arrive to the city on Sunday, the best solution is to book your hotel far in advance.

This is mainly important during the summer. In winter, there are less tourists therefore finding accommodation is less problematic (for additional information – Cheap Hotels in Barcelona and Hotels in Barcelona).

Attractions and Museums in Barcelona on Sundays

Most of the attractions and museums situated in Barcelona are open on Sundays. Moreover some of the museums are free of charge on this day. Usually, the first Sunday in every month is a day when free admission is allowed in the different museums.

Bare in mind that on these days the museums are extremely crowded which can prevent you to enjoy your visit. That is why it is recommended to choose another day for your visit or at least to think about it before you decide when to go (for additional information – Barcelona for Free).

Churches in Barcelona on Sundays

In those churches that are active like Barcelona Cathedral (Catedral de Santa Eulalia), Santa Maria del Mar and Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor (Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus) a mass is held on every Sunday morning. Therefore, if you are interested in a mass, you can go to one of these churches and participate in it. But otherwise, it is recommended to choose another time for your visit. You can enter these churches without paying any fee at anytime, so this will not be a problem.

In the case of Sagrada Familia you can plan your visit also for Sunday mornings. Masses are held there too, but in a separate part of the church, so tourists do not perceive it.

Football in Barcelona on Sundays

In football season, between August and May, most of the matches are held on Saturdays or Sundays. Therefore, if you visit Barcelona on a Sunday you have good chance to see an exciting match played by FC Barcelona or RCD Espanyol. If you are interested in football and expected to spend at least one Sunday in Barcelona – it is highly suggested to look if there is a game on that day or not (for additional information – Sports and Events in Barcelona).

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