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Visit Montjuic at Night

Q: Is it Recommended to Visit Montjuic at Night?

Tickets for Montjuïc Cable Car
Tickets for Montjuïc Cable Car
A: The touristic attractions of Montjuic are generally recommended to visit at daytime, but there are a few must-see attractions you should visit by night. Some of the sights are more fascinating during the night, which is why it is recommended to visit Montjuic also by night. The main attractions of this area after the sun sets are the Magic Fountains with its spectacular play of lights and the Arena Mall that during this time of the day hosts various events like concerts on the top floor.

For those who wish to experience the nightlife of Montjuic, there is a flamenco club next to Arena Mall and another one featuring flamenco shows next to Poble Espanyol (The Spanish Village).

It is highly recommended to visit this area during the night when various events are held on top of the hill, such as concerts at the Saint Jordi, Luis Companys Stadium or public events outdoors.


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