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Accessibility of Montjuïc Cable Car

Q: I would like to know if the cable car to the Montjuic is accessible by wheelchair?

Tickets for Montjuïc Cable Car
Tickets for Montjuïc Cable Car
A: Actually, there are two cable cars that operate in the area of MontjuicTransbordador Aeri del Port and Montjuïc Cable Car (for additional information – Cable Car Barcelona).

Unfortunately, the first one is not wheelchair-friendly so it is not recommended for people with disabilities. Moreover, it is a bit difficult to approach its beach station. If you arrive there by metro, you need to walk around 5 minutes between the metro station and the cable car. It is obviously not too favorable for disabled people (for additional information – Public Transportation in Barcelona).


In contrast with it, the second one is completely accessible and it is easy to get there both by public transportation and by car. Furthermore, the staff is helpful and friendly.

The biggest part of Montjuic is wheelchair-friendly too (for additional information – Accessibility in Montjuic and Accessibility in Barcelona) and therefore if you choose Montjuïc Cable Car, you can have quite a nice experience.

Furthermore, travelers with disabilities are entitled to a significant discount.


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