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Montjuïc Cable Car Tickets in Advance

Q: Is it profitable to book the cable cars online in advance or better buy them in the city?

Tickets for Montjuïc Cable Car
Tickets for Montjuïc Cable Car
A: As you have mentioned it, there are two cable cars that operate in the area of MontjuicTransbordador Aeri del Port and Montjuïc Cable Car (for additional information – Cable Car Barcelona), in both cases the answer depends on the season.

Since a journey on the cable car is an outdoor activity, it is strongly influenced by the weather. Obviously, in autumn and winter the possibility to a cancellation due to weather conditions is higher than during summer time (for additional information – Weather in Barcelona, Summer Vacation in Barcelona and Winter Vacation in Barcelona). Therefore we suggest during winter to buy the tickets in the stations of the vehicles, right before the ride, when it is sure that the weather is suitable for a ride.

Furthermore, Transbordador Aeri del Port is exposed to the weather conditions in a higher degree than the other cable car, so if you want to participate in a cable car experience during the winter, we recommend Montjuïc Cable Car (for additional information – Montjuïc Cable Car During Winter).

In contrast with this, during the high season, online booking can be quite favorable. Both cable cars, but mainly Transbordador Aeri del Port, are very popular with tourists and due to it the long queues at the box offices are inevitable. Moreover, if you buy your tickets online you can get significant discounts.

The online purchase is very simple, especially in case of Montjuïc Cable Car. You can do it here or here. Both pages offer quite favorable prices. Moreover, in the first case flexible timing and instant ticket delivery are included in the price. You will receive your ticket via SMS or email; you do not need to print it, just simply present it in your smartphone.

You can purchase both one way and round trip tickets, keep in mind that tickets do not include the travel by the funicular and the entrance to Montjuic Castle!

You can buy your ticket for Montjuïc Cable Car also by using a special coupon that can be found at many places in Barcelona, for instance in your hotel or together with different kinds of maps you get around the city.


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