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Barcelona Card and Public Transportation

Q: I know that Barcelona Card provides a great variety of discounts, but I am not sure if free travel by means of public transportation is included in it?

A: Yes, one of the benefits offered by Barcelona Card is the free usage of the public transportation. If you have purchased the Barcelona Card you can travel without buying tickets by buses, tram and metro lines that are operating inside Barcelona. The card is valid in the entire Zone 1 area which includes the city center and the most popular tourist landmarks (for additional information – Barcelona Card and the Metro and The Benefits of Barcelona Card).

Besides saving money, Barcelona Card makes the entire ride easier, you do not have to spend your time with buying tickets for every journey, you just show the card and get on the vehicle by which you want to travel.

Bare in mind that the card is not valid outside the city, therefore, it is not recommended to buy it if you want to visit places outside the city such as Montserrat or PortAventura. Exception is the train that brings travellers from El Prat airport (BCN, Terminal 2) to the city (you can enjoy this benefit just if you purchase the card in advance). The card include also the ride from the airport to the center of Barcelona by TMB bus but it does not include the usage of Aerobus (for additional information – Barcelona Card and the Aerobus).

Furthermore, the card does not cover rides in the tourist bus, night buses and by any uncommon vehicle, such as the Blue Tram or the Montjuïc Cable Car (for additional information – Barcelona Card – What is Included?).

Though Barcelona Card can reduce your travel costs seriously, it is not worth to purchase it just in order to enjoy free transport. In that case you will do a better deal if you choose one between the regular discount cards related to the public transportation of Barcelona. You can choose between free day trip or three days cards or you can buy the T10 Transport Ticket. The latter one can be obtained at all of the metro stations in Barcelona, and in contrast with Barcelona Card, it is not personalized, so it can be used by more than one person (for additional information – Barcelona Card Vs T-10).


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