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Museu Picasso is the most popular museums in Barcelona and it is ranked 9th in Spain based on the number of visitors it hosts every year. Museu Picasso is dedicated to the famous painter Pablo Picasso and it is located in the heart of El Born quarter, next to the famous Gothic Quarter.

The area of the museum is one of the most popular ones when it comes to accommodation in Barcelona because its proximity to the main landmarks of the city. It is a perfect area for accommodation if you want to be close to the best restaurants and coffee shops of the city and you also want to enjoy one of the most attractive neighborhoods of Europe that preserves the Gothic architecture beautifully.

When searching for accommodation in this area, note that the prices are high, for it being a central part of the city. Also it is not recommended to arrive with a private car, due to its central position, this area is really crowded and dense.

Tips and Recommendations

  • Hotels in this area are characterized by being built inside restored houses, most of them are quite crowded and more on the pricy side compared to other areas. Therefore, if you are looking for cheap accommodation in Barcelona this is not a good location for you (for additional information – Cheap Hotels in Barcelona). There are only a few hotels near the museum (for additional information – Hotels near El Born)
  • If you are visiting Barcelona during the summer months, which is the main tourist season, it is highly recommend to book a hotel in advance to make sure you will find accommodation. During the rest of the year there is usually no need to book in advance (for additional information – Summer Vacation in Barcelona).
  • Most of the hotels in this area some roads are not accessible by private cars. Because of this issues this area is not suitable for people with disabilities. It is highly recommended to check the accessibility of the hotel prior to booking (for additional information – Accessible Hotels in Barcelona and Accessibility in Barcelona).
  • For the same reason mentioned above, this area is also not recommended for tourists visiting with a private car. If you decide to come with a car, it is recommend to check for hotels in the norther part of Eixample or in the area of Montjuïc (for additional information – Hotels with Parking, Hotels near EixampleHotels nears Montjuïc, Car Rental in Barcelona and Car Rental in Spain).
  • Parts of this area have a vivid nightlife so accommodation here is recommended for those that want to experience the nightlife of Barcelona. Please consider the fact that due to the active nightlife some tourist will not enjoy their stay here because it can get noisy during the nights (for additional information – Visit Barcelona at night).

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