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Barcelona Card Express

What is Barcelona Card Express?

Barcelona Card Express is a discount card that provides free usage of public transportation inside Barcelona and discount to a great variety of attractions in the Catalan city (for additional information – List of Barcelona Card Express Discounts).

In fact, this is the cheapest discount card available in Barcelona but it is valid just for a short period, more precisely – for two days. It can be considered as the “little brother” of Barcelona Card, that is a more expensive card with a longer validity-time (for additional information – Barcelona Card Express vs Barcelona Card).

Advantages and Benefits

Barcelona Card Express and Public Transportation

Barcelona Card Express offers free usage in the means of public transportation (buses, metros, suburban trains, trams) that are operating inside Barcelona. The card is valid for the entire Zone 1 area, which covers the city center and most of the tourist attractions of Barcelona. You can use it for the airport train and tram too. Bare in mind that it is not valid outside the city, so you cannot use it if you want to arrive to places such as Port Aventura or Montserrat (for additional information – Getting to the Monastery of Montserrat and Getting to PortAventura by Train).

List of Barcelona Card Express Discounts

Unlike Barcelona Card, Barcelona Card Express does not provide free admission to any attraction or restaurant in the city. But you can get discounts to more than 100 attractions, shops and restaurants.

Most of the well-known museums of the city are included in this card. For instance:

Moreover, you can buy tickets for many tours at a reduced price. Examples of tours included in Barcelona Card Express:

  • Barcelona Walking Tours Gòtic -50%,
  • Barcelona Walking Tours Modernisme -50%,
  • Barcelona Walking Tours Picasso -50%.

The card also covers several leisure activities, such as Barcelona Zoo, Poble Espanyol (The Spanish Village) and Parc d’atraccions Tibidabo (Tibidabo Amusement Park).

In addition to these, you can get a discount for different performances and shows, for example for Flamenco Show at Tablao de Carmen and for Flamenco Night at Tablao Cordobes and also for bars and restaurants like The Michael Collins Irish Bar, Tapas Locas, and Hard Rock Café (for additional information – Flamenco in Barcelona and Bars and Restaurants in Barcelona).

Barcelona Card Express also grant discount to different sport activities such as bicycle and motor renting (for additional information – Sport in Barcelona).

Of course, these were just a few examples, if you want to know more, you can check the full list here.

Furthermore, you will get a guidebook and a map to the metro lines in the city and to the attractions that are included in the card. These are available in several languages.

Aside from the free public transportation and discounts, Barcelona Card Express still offers you the possibility of an independent holiday.

Who is it Recommended for?

Since Barcelona Card Express is cheaper than Barcelona Card and other discount cards offered in the city, it can be advantageous for many tourists. In fact, most of the tourists who have purchased it are satisfied with this card.

According to our opinion, Barcelona Card Express is recommended mainly for visitors who want to see at least 4-6 attractions to which the card grants a significant discount and if you intend to visit all of them in two days.

The card provides special rates for children and children up to the age of 4 can receive it for free. That is the reason Barcelona Card Express is recommended for families and it is also popular with them (for additional information – Kids and Families in Barcelona and Barcelona Card Express for Kids and Families).

Barcelona Card Express Compared to Other Discount Cards

On the one hanBarcelona Card Express is the cheapest attraction card in Barcelona, so it is ideal for those who want a cheap vacation. On the other hand the validity-time of the card is also the shortest. Unlike Barcelona Card which can be purchased for 3, 4 or 5 days, Barcelona Card Express is valid only for 2 days (for additional information – Barcelona Card Express vs Barcelona Card).

Moreover, this is the only discount card in Barcelona which does not provide free admission anywhere, except the public transportation (for additional information – Barcelona for Free).

Tips and Recommendations

  • Barcelona has many discount cards, such as Barcelona Card, Barcelona Pass, Barcelona Card Express, iVenture Card Barcelona. Each tourist will find a different card suitable for him, and in some cases – none of them would fit. It is highly recommended to read and learn about each of the cards separately and individually, you can also do so using the comparison table we have created. It is recommended to consult us prior the booking, just leave us your trip plan and we will advise with the best option according to your plan.

  • Barcelona Card Express is the cheapest discount card in Barcelona and has also the shortest validity-time, so it can be a good option for those who arrive to the city for a short period and want a cheap vacation.
  • Barcelona Card Express provides special rates for kids, moreover children up to the age of 4 can receive it for free. That is the reason this card is popular with families (for additional information – Kids and Families in Barcelona and Barcelona Card Express for Kids and Families).
  • We recommend to purchase Barcelona Card Express online here because then you get a small discount and it is less problematic than to buy it in the city (for additional information – Barcelona Card Express – Online Order).
  • You can activate Barcelona Card Express by writing on it the date and time when you want to start to use it. Beginning with this time the card will be valid for that day and for the next day, therefore we suggest to activate it in the morning. The validity-time cannot be interrupted and continued later, so you need to visit all the attractions for which you buy the card in these two days.
  • Discounts offered with Barcelona Card Express cannot be combined with other discounts.
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