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Parking Near Fundació Joan Miró

Q: Is There any Car Park Close to Fundació Joan Miró?

Tickets for Fundació Joan Miró
Tickets for Fundació Joan Miró
A: Yes, there are parking lots but not very close to the Fundació Joan Miró. You can find car parks near Plaça d’Espanya or on Avinguda del Parel-lel. Since they are a little bit expensive, it is better to leave your car in other, more peripheral, parts of Barcelona and arrive to the museum by public transportation (for additional information – Car Rental in Barcelona, Car Rental in Spain and Parking Near Montjuic).

Close to Fundacio Joan Miro there is a parking area for the disabled (for additional information – Accessibility in Fundacio Joan Miro and Accessibility in Barcelona).


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