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Bars and Restaurants near Poble Espanyol

Q: Are There any Restaurants Next to Poble Espanyol?

Tickets for Poble Espanyol
Tickets for Poble Espanyol
A: Yes, you can find many bars and restaurants in Poble Espanyol (The Spanish Village). These restaurants are part of the village, all of them represent the gastronomic characteristics of a Spanish region.

Bars and restaurants in Poble Espanyol are more expensive than restaurants in other parts of Barcelona and according to our opinion they are not the best and most authentic ones. They are very good if you are taking a tour in the village and want to stop for a lunch but we suggest not to go there just for a meal. In other parts of the city you can find much more authentic and more profitable restaurants and tapas bars (for additional information – Bars and Restaurants in Barcelona).

Many restaurants in Poble Espanyol provide coupons and discounts, it is recommended to check the discount opportunities before you visit the village.


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