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Poble Espanyol Tickets

Q: Is it Recommended to Purchase Tickets in Advance for Poble Espanyol?

Tickets for Poble Espanyol
Tickets for Poble Espanyol
A: Yes, it is recommend to purchase your ticket for Poble Espanyol (The Spanish Village) in advance from the village’s website, in this way it will be cheaper than if you purchase it at the site.

Many visitors are entitled to a discount In Poble Espanyol. Children, students, families and disabled people can enter the park at a reduced price. Furthermore, children younger than 4 years are free of charge (for additional information – Accessibility in Poble Espanyol and Kids and Families in Poble Espanyol).

The village is included in the offer of several cards that provide discount for different attractions in Barcelona. For example, with Barcelona Card and Barcelona Card Express you can get 20% discount. An even better option is the Barcelona Pass, which provides free admission to Poble Espanyol. Of course, these cards are profitable only if you are interested in other attractions which are in their offer. Therefore, it is recommended that before your trip you check which one of the cards is best suitable for you (for additional information – Barcelona for Free, Barcelona Card and Poble Espanyol and Barcelona Pass and Poble Espanyol).


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